SINLEIAH WEDDING &EVENING DRESS is a fashion company, date back from 1988.

Focused on bridal gowns and cocktail dresses,

SingLeiAh carries lots of collections from famous designers at home and abroad.

Up till now,

SingLeiAh has be trying hard to become a leader in wedding fashion in China.

Except for dresses,

SingLeiAh also carries fashionable tuxedoes, professional make-up,

and photographic equipment.


Originated from the city of Shenyang,

there are more than 20 boutiques in Shenyang, Suzhou, Guangzhou and HongKong.


Four fashion brands belong to SINLEIAH WEDDING &EVENING DRESS, MANDY INTERNATIONAL, JIDI, MANSHA, and SingLeiAh Wedding & Evening Dress.

地址:辽宁省 沈阳市 沈河区五爱市场南区东门 圣利亚婚纱城

电话:024-24818138  4000245866